Most of the times your 1st level lower or 1st level higher are very accurate. Thanks.

For that reason , Monday very early in the morning, we might see 4633.

Also because there's not any data to stimulate to the upside the ES_F.

The opposite, BoJ make announcements for hiking rates . Which is impacting directly UST 10ys bonds. Are getting higher due to the significant reduction of the carry trade. ES_F rallies because of lthe lowering of 2ys and 10ys yields. If higher , it will roll over.

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Good to note all important Data readings. They're influencing a lot institutional traders , who move the needle significantly.

Monday 11 December, 13.00hr EST 10ys auction. Bond market starts getting volatile,

20 min earlier. Consequently, ES_F becomes volatile too.

Hope that the auction will go well and ES_F will go up. The BoJ decisions , earlier in Monday have an impact on UST 10ys bonds.

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Thank You

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Dec 10, 2023Liked by Smashelito

Thank you as always!

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