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Thanks for everything you're doing and more importantly for sharing your work with us. Just out of curiosity, what does your day look like? I guess you watch the market the whole and 'pepper' it with trades as they come. How long does it take you to review the price action at the end of the day and do you have a checklist of things you should consider? Your write-ups, as I wrote a few times already, are fantastic. HAGW!

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Appreciate it! Most of my work is done before the market opens in order for me to be able to purely focus on the present activity during the session; orderflow, pace and volatility. I usually take notes throughout the session and include the most interesting nuances in the daily plans, so the plans are constructed fairly quickly, directly after the close and published before the overnight open, to facilitate navigation for overnight traders. I don't have a specific checklist but I usually try to gauge who is in control, if we are in balance or imbalance, what buyers and sellers need to do in order to keep control or regain control etc. I'm preparing myself for different outcomes to not get caught off guard, which can create emotional trading that I always want to avoid.

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